Do you want more energy for your daily activities? Do you want to kickstart a new phase of your life with more physical exercises and food that makes you feel fresher and more energetic? Then this 30 days program is for you.

Being a man in the fifties I know how life is full of work and domestic activities and how difficult it can be to find time and motivation to train and take care of he  body. But I also experience how regular training and eating rather healthy keeps me fit, strong and energetic in the midst of life. 

Training and eating healthy is easy to skip when you are busy and the results come in the form of body aches, inflammation, back pain, stiffness, overweight and a low energy etc. This again affects the mood which again makes it harder to hit the gym or do some other physical exercises. This is the vicious cycle many adults know too well.  Including myself.

The good news is that this negative spiral can be reversed extremely fast and an energetic and positive feeling can be brought back in the body and mind in a short time.

That is the purpose of this program: to kickstart a training routine and to empower you to eat more healthily. The program is not so much about losing weight in the first place but more to the energetic and positive feeling that you get from exercising and eating healthy. 

So this is what you can expect from the Fit in 30 days program:

The intensity of the program is 4-5 on a scale of 10 where ten is the hardest. That makes it suitable for you who have experience with training without being in good shape. But even if you are in good shape you will benefit and in general it is possible to adjust the intensity of the exercises by skipping a round or using heavier weights.

What makes this program unique is the combination of consecutive training sessions together with very practical and hands-on guidance of healthy food and eating habits.

Doing this program can be a life changer for you as it has been for many so far.