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Kristoffer Wolf

Being in great physical shape always had a high priority to me. At the age of twelve I started in the local swimming club and quickly advanced to the competitive A-team. I was very skinny as a swimmer and it had bothered me for a long time. So in 1989 I went all in on fitness and weight training in a pursuit to gain weight and muscles. In 3 years I gained 6 kg. of muscles.

Going to the gym has ever since been the foundation of my physical activities parallel to other physical hobbies such as martial art, competitive mountain biking, marathon running marathons, yoga and kitesurfing.

As a chef and bachelor in nutrition I know what kind of food that supports a strong and healthy body, so cooking and eating healthy is the other leg in keeping a strong and healthy body in the midlife.

As a young man I graduated as a chef that was followed by a bachelor in nutrition. Later I followed my interest in human psychology a followed a line of courses in London to become a coach.

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